10 Gentle Exercises You Can Do For A Happy Period

Written by GHBY Team on Fri, 11 November 2022

Key Highlights

  • A large percentage of women experience body ache, lower back pain, stomach ache, brain fog, headaches, when on their period.
  • These can be largely countered through gentle exercises that you can do while on your period.
  • Gentle exercises are known to produce mood-changing endorphins in your body, and improves wellbeing through your period days.
  • Gentle exercises such as walking, light stretches and cycling can go a long way in helping you feel better through your period days.

Menstruation can put a lot of stress on women's bodies. Body ache, lower back pain, stomach ache, period cramps, brain fog, headaches are a few of the many problems that women face during their menses.

During such testing times, normal chores can feel like pushing a boulder uphill and exercising can feel like a complete no-no! However, taking the effort to do some gentle exercises can take your mind off the pain, relax your body and produce mood-changing endorphins in your body.

Here are some gentle exercises that you should try during periods!

1. Take a walk

Did you know that taking a stroll is also a form of exercise? It might be a gentle exercise but it can work wonders for clearing your mind of negative thoughts and distracting your mind from period pain. Watching your posture, gait, and engaging your core while walking can make this gentle exercise even more effective.

Walking for just 30 minutes can be beneficial for your overall health. During periods, it can release the much-needed endorphins in your body and change your mood. So take one step at a time and go out for that walk even if you don't feel like it initially, you will feel good when you're done!

2. Cycling

Cycling is a great way to get some quick exercise that doesn't even feel like a workout! Cycling can put you in a pleasant mood while working out your core and legs. It can take your mind off the period pain and help in the easy passing of blood clots.

Cycling can gently massage the pelvic muscles which can ease the pain caused during periods. Cycling can work wonders for period brain fog and can change your mood and put you in a pleasant state of mind. Just get a bike or rent one and get cycling for a happier period!

3. Touching your toes

This simple and gentle exercise can help alleviate your lower back pain and ease out period cramps. Stretching your body can help relax the muscles and make you feel more active.

  • To perform this exercise stand with your feet close together, stretch your arms vertically upwards, and hold.
  • Now slowly go down all the way and try to touch your toes.
  • Hold for 10 seconds and then return to your normal position.
  • Repeat this 10-12 times to get a good stretch.

4. Bending sideways

Bending is a great way to give your muscles the good massage that it needs. Bending sideways is great for stretching the muscles between your ribs, obliques, and quadratus muscles.

  • To perform this exercise, stand with your feet wide apart and your arms stretched beside your sides.
  • Now balance your body and slowly bend to your right side with your right arm touching your right leg.
  • While doing this, use your left arm to balance your body and get a good stretch out of it. Repeat the same steps for bending to your left side.
  • Perform 10-12 reps of bending sideways. This can help in lowering body aches during periods and feeling more relaxed during periods.

5. Supine spinal twists

Supine spinal twist is a yoga pose that is easy to perform and very relaxing for your body. Doing this exercise can help in relieving lower back pain and gently massage your gut. It can help you feel relaxed and alleviate your period pain.

  • To perform this exercise lay flat on a mat, with your back towards the ground and arms outstretched, sideways.
  • Now bend your right knee and twist your waist such that your right leg is now over your left leg.
  • Feel the stretch in your thighs, your waist, and your lower back.
  • Repeat for the other leg and perform 7-10 reps as per your capacity.

6. Back extensions

Back extension is a great way to relieve your lower back pain and stretch your abdominal muscles. It can be especially helpful during periods when the body is under a lot of stress.

  • To perform back extensions, lay on your stomach with your feet aligned in the line of your shoulders, place the palms of your hands on the ground near your abdomen.
  • Now inhale and slide your torso upwards while pushing your pelvis towards the ground.
  • Support your boy with your hands touching the ground. Hold the pose for 10 seconds. Repeat 10-12 times to feel better.

7. Wind-Relieving pose

The wind relieving pose is a yoga exercise that can help you get rid of bloating during periods. It can also stretch out your back and neck making you feel more relaxed post this exercise.

  • To perform this exercise, lie down flat on the ground, with your back on a mat, now inhale while bending your right leg and hold it close to your chest with both your hands.
  • Next, exhale while lifting your head slowly and try to touch your nose to your knee.
  • Hold this pose for 10 sec and let any flatulence pass. Repeat with the other leg as well and perform 7-10 reps as per your capacity.
  • Feel the relief post this gentle exercise!

8. Alternate toe touch

This is a simple but effective exercise to get your body moving during periods.

  • To perform this gentle exercise stand with your legs wide apart and touch your right hand to your left toe while pointing your left hand towards the sky behind you.
  • Try to open up your back muscles and stare at your outstretched left hand for 10 sec.
  • Repeat this pose with your left hand touching your right toe. Perform 10-15 reps to feel a little heat and get those endorphins going!

9. Child's pose

The child's pose is a resting yoga pose that can help you relax and gently massage your back, lower back, and abdomen muscles.

  • To perform this exercise, kneel and sit on your hips.
  • Now, slowly stretch your arms above your head and bend forward placing your arms on the ground.
  • Feel the stretch in your back and hip muscles. Hold this pose for 10 sec and repeat 5-6 times as per your convenience.

10. Pranayama

  • To perform pranayam you can sit on the floor or a mat with your legs folded and your arms resting on your thighs.
  • The simplest form of pranayam is deep breathing.
  • Take deep breaths while inhaling and slowly exhale while drawing your stomach inwards.
  • Think positive thoughts while performing the pranayama and it can help you feel more emotionally stable, peaceful, and connected to your body.

So try out these gentle exercises while being on your periods and feel the difference these little movements can make in your life. Have a happy period!



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