5 Pilate Exercises For Period Cramps

Written by GHBY Team on Wed, 16 November 2022


That disturbing and terrible ache in the belly, with feelings of pressure, further worsened with pain in your hips, lower back, and inner thighs interfering in your daily routine. Not to forget nausea, vomiting, lower abdominal pain, abdominal cramps, and loose stools which may leave you feeling drained out, further adding to your monthly trauma. This sounds familiar, doesn't it?

All these, are symptoms of period cramps that constitute the most annoying part of the monthly menstrual cycle. Period cramps may vary from woman to woman, milder in some with others may experience a severe form. Often the intensity of pain may decrease with age and at times it may completely cease post-delivery. Dysmenorrhea is another name for these painful period cramps.

Can exercises reduce period pain?

Oral painkillers or a hot water bag are some of the most accessible solutions that most women may reach out to, to get relief from period cramps, and they do provide some relief for a short period. Exercise is not on the top of the mind when a woman is in pain and having constant blood loss. And most often, it's the regular workout routine that takes a backseat during those crampy days of the month. However, sticking to an exercise routine may ease the cramps that accompany periods.
Wondering what are some good ways to exercise? The answer is Pilates!

The two to three days leading to periods and the days of menses is a great time to indulge in exercises like Pilates. This relaxes the body and reduces symptoms of period cramps. These exercises also help you feel good and help with mood swings. So, if you are wondering how to reduce menstrual cramps, we've got you covered.

Know more about Pilates:

Pilates, a type of mind-body aerobic exercise was created by Joseph Pilates, a German fitness trainer in the early 20th century. This exercise technique consists of movements that combine flexibility, strength, deep breathing and relaxation.

Pilates focuses on the strength of the abdominal muscles, the muscles of the waist, back, pelvis, and buttocks, and helps reduce the onset of pain during menstruation. Prostaglandins are chemicals released from the uterine lining during menstruation that cause the abdominal muscles to tighten and relax leading to period cramps. Pilates increases abdominal muscle elasticity, increases the supply of oxygen to abdominal muscles, decreases the levels of prostaglandins, thereby relaxing the muscles and decreasing the intensity of pain.

5 Pilate exercises for easing period cramps:

Pilates are one of the best exercises for period cramps. Pilates eases out both premenstrual symptoms as well as pain associated with period cramps. Know some of the Pilate exercises that will not only help you stick to your fitness regimen but also ensure that you tide over period cramps. Below mentioned are a few of them.

Warm-up with Pilates Lunges1. Warm-up with Pilates Lunges

Pilates lunges facilitate blood to flow to the larger muscle groups of the body, increase the body metabolism and also leave you feeling less fatigued.

Know the technique:

  • Stand tall with your feet together in a "Y" shape, placing the heel of the front foot in the arch of the back foot.
  • Hold 1-3 pound weights in each hand.
  • Inhale as you lunge the front leg out, stepping into it and leaning forward as you stretch the back leg straight.
  • Lift arms overhead as you lunge. Exhale as you step back to your starting position.
  • Repeat 8 to 10 times on both right and left leg.

2. Pilates seated side bends:Pilates seated side bends


Focusing on your oblique muscles with the side bends helps strengthen the upper body

Know the technique:

  • Sit on one hip with an arm by your side for support.
  • Lift up on your feet and one hand into a side plank.
  • Place one foot in front of the other.
  • Look towards your top shoulder and rest your upper arm along your body.
  • Lower your hip down towards the mat under you and lift back up.
  • Go lower and deeper with each repetition.
  • Repeat 5 to 8 times on each side

3. Rolling down the wall:

Rolling down the wall


Know the technique:

  • Lean against the wall with both feet one step ahead of you.
  • Hold the feet in a small "V" with heels together and toes apart.
  • Draw your abdominal muscles inward.
  • Drop your head, then shoulders and arms and begin slowly peeling off the wall one vertebra at a time.
  • Go about halfway down your spine and let the arms just hang loose.
  • Rollback up smoothly pressing each part of your back firmly into the wall as you rise back up.
  • Breathe naturally as you go
  • Repeat three times in all.

4. Hip roll:

This exercise serves as a warm-up for the spine, lower body muscles and abdomen.Hip roll


Know the technique

  • Lie on your back on the mat.
  • Keep knees flexed and feet hip distance apart. Rest the arms alongside the body. Now inhale and exhale.
  • Starting with the tailbone, pick your spine off the mat until your weight rests on your thoracic (upper) spine. Breathe in to maintain the position.
  • Exhale and lower your spine back on the mat and into the neutral spine position.
  • Repeat this five to eight times.

5. Twist seated


Know the technique:Twist seated

  • Sit on the ground with your arms to the side and legs straight out in front of you.
  • Exhale and slowly twist your upper body towards one side, rotating over the pelvis.
  • Inhale and come back to the
  • Repeat four times on both sides.

Making an exercise regimen mandatory during your periods will be helpful and will definitely ease the discomfort associated with period cramps. However, if your period cramps last for more than 2-3 days, it's advisable to get them checked by your doctor. Always, remember to listen to your body. Do not overdo any exercise if it feels uneasy or uncomfortable.

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