7 Fun & Healthy Things To Do During The Chinese Spring Festival

Written by GHBY Team on Wed, 16 November 2022


China is a land of rich culture and ancient traditions that are still in practice today. The Chinese new year is around the corner and so is the Spring festival! Every year the Chinese celebrate their new year on 1st February and mark the beginning of the new year ahead. This event is a grand ceremony in China celebrated with family, friends, customs, and traditions.

According to the Chinese lunar calendar, the year 2022 is the year of the water tiger. It begins on February 1st, 2022, and extends until January 21st, 2023. The Tiger year appears every 60 years and is regarded as the symbol of strength, fighting evil, and braveness.

Here's how the Chinese celebrate their new year and the Spring festival!

1. Cleaning

It is a tradition to clear houses of old things and sweep away ill fortune that may have gotten into our homes the previous year. People thoroughly clean their house including beds, clothes, utensils, and get rid of old items that are no longer in use.

2. Decorations

Getting ready for the Spring festival calls for some traditional decorations! Here are some common decorations during this time.

3. Paper cuttings

These are handicrafts made by cutting the paper into attractive and traditional designs. The preferred color is usually red as it is considered to be the most auspicious. These paper cuttings are pasted to windows to boost the festive spirit and make the atmosphere more cherry.

4. Chun Lian

These are special types of couplets that are used to express positivity and good wishes. During the spring festival, every household will paste these Chun Lian on their doors. They are usually on red paper and written beautifully in calligraphy with black or gold ink.

5. Chinese lanterns

These are a symbol of vitality, social status, and good luck. The red lantern is a symbol of Chinese pride all around the world. During the spring season, people hang these lanterns to celebrate the spirit of the new year.


Food has always been a crucial part of Chinese culture. Here are some special and traditional foods eaten during the Spring festival.

1. Laba porridge

This is a Chinese ceremonial congee dish eaten on the eighth day of the twelfth month in the Chinese calendar. It is a delicious and nutritional porridge made with glutenous rice, millets, beans, fresh and dried fruits, nuts and seeds, tofu, meat, and vegetables.

2. Jiaozi

Jiaozi are dumplings that are often eaten for supper on Spring Festival Eve. They are a major attraction during the new year and have a mightly cultural significance. They also signify bidding goodbye to the old year and welcoming the new.

3. Nian Gao

This is a type of glutenous rice cake that is a specialty in Southern China during the Spring festival. It signifies getting a step higher every year.


Entertainment is always a highlight when it comes to celebrations. Here are some Chinese attractions during the Spring season.

1. Dragon and Lion dance

In Chinese culture, the dragon represents power, strength, luck, health, and nobility whereas the lion represents auspiciousness, superiority and, stability. These dances are very popular during the Spring festival and the new year.

2. Spring festival Gala

Watching the Spring festival gala has become an essential entertainment for the Chinese people around the world. Various Gala's are aired on television featuring singing, dancing, drama, and comedy all put up for the entertainment of the people during the new year.

3. Fireworks

Fireworks are a Chinese specialty and it is a tradition to set off fireworks during the Spring festival. The noise is believed to drive away from the evil spirits.

4. Greetings and gatherings

During this time family, friends, and relatives all get together and spend quality time together. On the day of the Lunar new year, One must extend their greeting to their parents, grandparents, relatives, neighbors, and friends.

5. Gifts

Lucky money is given by the elders to the children and unmarried youths as gifts. It is tucked into red envelopes known as hongbao. During the Spring season, it is a tradition to exchange gifts among families as a symbol of love and unity.

Celebrate The Chinese Lantern festival

Also known as the Shangyuan Festival, the Chinese lantern festival marks the end of the New Year celebrations in china. It is celebrated on the full moon, the fifteenth day of the first month in the lunisolar Chinese calendar.

1. Significance:

The Chinese lantern festival is celebrated to honor the deceased ancestors and aims to promote reconciliation, peace, and forgiveness. They are also lit as a prayer for a bright future and to honor the memory of Buddhist monks.

2. Activities:

During this festival, People hang traditional Chinese lanterns outside and even inside their homes.
There are riddles written on lanterns and the solver gets a small prize if they get the answers right.

With these festivals approaching it is advised to wear a mask, avoid large crowds, sanitize, and protect our loved ones from diseases. Stay safe and have a happy Chinese New Year!

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