Let's Uncomplicate Good Health

Let's Uncomplicate Good Health

Good Health By Yourself – A Mega We Care Initiative

“There is too much talk about good health and not all of it is healthy. With the rise of online health resources and wellness gurus, knowing whom to turn to for the right health advice can be an overwhelming task. That is why we created Good Health By Yourself, a place where you can learn more about your health and get the information you need to resolve your health queries.

A leader and pioneering healthcare concern, Mega We Care, established back in 1984, is more than just a provider of goods and services. Headquartered in Bangkok, Mega We Care is focused on helping millions of people across the globe get access to safe, effective, world-class quality nutritional and herbal supplements and prescription medicines. At the heart of Mega We Care spanning 31 countries is the Mega Dharma which is focused on caring for your wellness, your health, and a life lived well.”


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Take Charge Of Your Mind And Body

Being in control of your health not only helps you operate from a better mental and physical capacity, but also gives you the energy you need to live a happier and healthier life.


Put Your Health Above All Else

The right information can go a long way in preparing you for your journey towards good health. Learn what you can do to reduce the risk of developing diseases and health complications through GHBY.

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Your Journey To Wellness Starts Here

Being in the best of health can be difficult but not impossible. A positive change in these four aspects of your life can help you take complete ownership over your health and live life to the fullest.

Good Health By Yourself is an extension of Mega We Care’s efforts to offer people a chance at a better, healthier life, and encourage people to take health in their own hands, starting early. Backed with simple, easy-to-consume credible information, Good Health By Yourself promises to be your friend and partner as you take up the journey towards good health.

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A healthy diet can have the power to satisfy your mind, your body, and your taste buds too!



When it comes to exercise, even small steps can lead to big changes in your overall wellbeing.

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The way your brain thinks can influence the way your body feels.

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Health Conditions

The power to change the way you live your life is in your hands.

Meet Our Medical Team

Our medical team is here to help you put ‘wellness’ on your radar by providing you with tips and advice that are well-supported by research.

Dr. Sant Chaiyodsilp

Medical Doctor

Dr. Pramod Mane

Medical Doctor

Dr. Jatin Bhide

Medical Doctor

Jillian Lai Mei Siew


Dr. Thinn

Medical doctor

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It's Never Too Late To Start Living Well

Knowing how to simplify your health and take control of your body will not only keep you healthy but will also slow down your aging process, inside and out.

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