You have a LOW RISK of developing cervical cancer

Your response to the questionnaire suggests you have none of  the risk factors of cervical cancer.

Your results indicate you are following these preventive measures:

  • You don’t smoke/have quit smoking. Smoking increases the chances of cervical cancer. 
  • You eat well. A healthy diet helps lower chances of cervical cancer.
  • You had sexual intercourse after you were 18 years old. Early sexual activity is considered a risk factor for cervical cancer.
  • Limited sexual partners. Having sex with more than two people can increase your chance of getting HPV.
  • Safe Sex. Having sex with proper protection reduces chances of contracting HPV and other STDs.
  • You are up to date with your cervical cancer screenings.
  • Your family members didn’t have/don’t have cervical cancer. A family history of cervical cancer puts you at greater risk of developing cervical cancer.
  • You have taken the HPV vaccine.
  • You haven’t taken any birth control pills. Taking birth control pills for a long time increases the risk of cervical cancer.