The 6 Best Foods To Naturally Cleanse Your Liver

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  • Written by: Rama Manikumar
  • The liver is one of the most vital organs of the body and it performs several functions – processing, metabolizing and storing important nutrients.
  • Incorporating foods to cleanse the liver in your diet is important for liver health.
  • Read here about the 6 best foods to cleanse the liver and their benefits.

The liver is a very important organ of the body for our survival. The name itself is self-explanatory: Liver means ‘To live’. Liver health is as important as that of the heart and brain. Whatever we take in the form of food or medicines first gets metabolized in the liver. It is therefore extremely important to incorporate foods for liver cleanse into your diet.

Do not ignore the liver: Detox and cleanse the liver from time to time

The liver is the organ that works silently behind the scene. Silently, it performs several functions: right from processing, metabolizing, and storage of various nutrients in the body.

As long as the liver does not throw up any visible symptoms, we hardly notice it. But it’s important to take care. Cleansing the liver is very important.

This is a part of the detoxification process which is a must for the liver.

Best foods to cleanse liver

Green Tea

It contains catechins, polyphenols, flavonoids, phenolic acids, and caffeine. A Japanese study showed the benefits of green tea for liver and found that consumption of over 10 cups a day of green tea may improve liver health.

Top 5 benefits of green tea
● Weight loss
● Boosting Metabolism
● Antioxidants
● Antimicrobial activity
● Detoxification


Turmeric has the active ingredient called “Curcumin” which is full of antioxidants. About 100-1000 mg/day of turmeric is recommended depending on the preparation used (curcuminoids vs turmeric extract), formulation (tablets, liquid, root extract, tea) and indications.

Top 5 benefits of turmeric 
● Detoxification of liver
● Antioxidant
● Anti-inflammatory
● Anti cancerous properties
● Boost better digestion


It is an edible flower bud of the thistle plant.

Artichoke is rich in cyanogen, chlorogenic acid, and other compounds. Artichoke extract(~600 mg daily) can be beneficial in preserving liver health.

Top 5 benefits of artichokes
● It helps supports the immune system
● It reduced oxidative stress
● It helps in the regenerative capacity of the liver
● It curbs hunger and appetite
● It has an anti-aging effect on the liver.
● It helps in cholesterol reduction which is primarily secreted by liver

Milk thistle

The active ingredient of milk thistle is silymarin. About 420 mg of extract per day, thrice a day for 6-8 weeks can is recommended for hepatoprotection.

Top 5 benefits of milk thistle
● It is a wonderful tonic for liver health
● Antioxidant
● Anti-inflammatory
● Immune-supportive
● It is effective in preventing liver damage


Beetroot is a popular root vegetable. It can be included in the regular diet as salads or beetroot juice.
The active constituent in the beetroot is the Betaine.

Top 5 benefits of beetroot
● Blood purification
● Detoxification of liver
● It helps in reducing the chances of fatty liver
● It helps in controlling sugar levels
● It helps in controlling liver inflammation and infection

Berries (Blueberries, raspberries, and cranberries )

Berry is a simple fleshy fruit that has many seeds. Berry is developed from the pericarp which is the ovary of the flower.

The active ingredient of the berries is the anthocyanins which makes it one of the best foods to eat to cleanse the liver.

These berries can be included as a part of regular diet and can supply antioxidants to keep our liver healthy.

Top 5 benefits of Berries
● Antioxidants
● It prevents liver fibrosis
● it helps aids the digestion and metabolism process
● It helps eliminate the toxins
● It protects against liver damage in case of alcoholism

Cleansing benefits of liver

Detoxifying your liver from time-to-time with foods to cleanse the liver is extremely important to keep the liver in top condition in the long run.

Alongside, it also has a host of benefits:
● Reduced accumulation of fat
● Helps controlling weight and obesity
● Better cholesterol control
● Better sugar control
● Better in digestion and absorption
● Helps in controlling hormonal levels
● Eliminates toxins
● Increased energy levels
● Improved concentration and focus level
● Controlling recurrent infections


The liver serves some vital functions in the body and keeping it in good health is important. One of the ways to do it is by cleansing the liver regularly. Detoxification of your liver from time to time can be achieved by incorporating some vital foods that have a host of benefits as outlined above. These foods to detox liver will result in cleansing the liver and ensure it is in top condition in the long run.


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