5 Sweet Tips To Avoid Processed Sugar And Improve Your Immunity

Keep your eyes on the aisles

Prioritize whole foods over packaged foods. Also, generally avoid passively strolling through the middle aisles as this is where most of the sugar lies: cold drinks, juices, biscuits, snacks, and more.

Know your sugars

It is important to also watch out for High Fructose Corn Syrup, maltose and maltodextrin, fruit or juice concentrate, etc. as these are cheaper industrial substitutes for refined sugar.

Read nutrition labels

Most packaged foods come with bold marketing claims like ‘10X more iron and fiber’. Check the nutrition intake of these products to know how much sugar and fiber is consumed with each serving.

Home is where the heart is safest

Prepare home-cooked meals to reduce any excess strain that could be caused by bad cholesterol or too much sugar.

Be sugar-smart

Not all sugar is bad. Naturally derived sugar like jaggery, coconut sugar, dates, stevia, etc. are healthier options when consumed in limited amounts.