Everyday Exercises You Can Do For A Smaller Waistline

Dr. Pramod Mane

Sprint it out

With sprinting, one can burn around 200 calories in just 2 minutes and also help you flaunt a small waistline!

Dance your way to weight loss

Grooving to music and following the movements of the instructor is not only fun but is also a great way to stay in shape and tone your body.

Yoga to reduce your waistline

Yoga is known to soothe the mind and tone the body overall. However, certain poses are considered more beneficial for toning your core and waist.

Ab Workouts

Crunches, side planks, bicycle crunches, and Russian twists are also very effective in toning up the muscles around the waist.

Weight Training

Lifting weights and doing resistance training helps our body to strengthen bones, lose fat and build lean muscle.

Spin the Hoop

Spinning the hoop around the waist not only burns calories but also sculpts and tightens the muscles in the waist area.