Your Complete Guide To Better Digestion

Written by GHBY Team on Wed, 16 November 2022


Digestive problems such as acidity, gas, bloating, heartburn affecting your everyday life? You are not alone! Digestive problems are a common occurrence in our day to day lives. By paying close attention to our bowel movements and minor gastric disturbances like constipation, bloating, indigestion and heartburns, we can try to understand what type of foods or habits cause these problems in our gut.

One might notice that not drinking enough water or consuming too much coffee might make them feel constipated. Overeating might also cause indigestion or heartburn for some whereas consuming dairy products might cause diarrhea in some people. The key is to identify these problem-causing elements which will be unique for all and avoid them for the sake of our gut!

Our good food guide to better digestion and yoga for better digestion have been drawn up keeping all of these issues in mind, to help you make healthy and wise choices for your gut.

With these e-books, make every stomach woe a thing of the past, and live your best life.

After all, a Happy Tummy = Happy You!

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